Beef Marinade

by Devenee
Beef Marinade

Use this Beef Marinade recipe on any type of slow roasting beef to give it moisture and zing!


1/3 c whole grain Mustard

1/3 c salsa

1/3 balsamic glaze (vinegar)

2 T soy sauce

1/2 t garlic powder or 1 fresh clove minced

Mix items together, top roast when 30 minutes out from being completed, if using on stir fry meat or steaks, you can marinate before hand. (roasts tend to release water and juices during cooking. I will use a small part of marinade on roast at the beginning, drain juices about 45 minutes out, skim the fat and reduce the liquid in a small sauce pan. then return both to the items to the roast)

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by Devenee


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