AboutTime Zinc is formulated with zinc citrate which has been used to support the body's natural defense system. Your immune system is your body’s primary line of defense. A strong immune system supports good health. Zinc is a powerful antioxidant, critical for the development and function of immune cells. Daily intake of Zinc, helps reduce oxidative stress and keeps your immune system healthy year-round. Nearly 100 different enzymes—proteins that initiate chemical reactions in the body—depend on zinc, including those involved in skin repair and making DNA, the cells’ blueprint for replication. Zinc supports normal growth and development during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence. You also need zinc for a proper sense of taste and smell.* Zinc also provides structure, helping to support proteins, such as those found in muscle tissue, and cell membranes. As part of the hormone insulin, zinc plays a role in regulating blood glucose levels, which are necessary for providing a constant source of energy to your cells. Zinc is involved in supporting eye health, as well. Zinc is protective, too. It lends structural support to an antioxidant enzyme that protects against cellular damage. Zinc is also necessary to make and activate T-lymphocytes, which are cells of the immune system.

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