AboutTime Superfood Protein is a plant based superfood protein blend formulated from pea
protein, brown rice protein, pumpkin protein, and hemp protein. Superfood Protein is a complete nutritional supplement that contains superfoods such as pomegranate and flaxseed. With 20 grams of vegan protein per serving, AboutTime Superfood protein provides the protein you need, with the great taste you expect. At 145 calories per serving, AboutTime superfood protein is 100% plant based, Non-GMO, and naturally sweetened with stevia. Superfood protein is also cholesterol, gluten, soy, and dairy free. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and greens, AboutTime Superfood is a complete nutritional protein shake, that contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors. When Should I Take AboutTime Plant Based Superfood Protein? As a calorie controlled protein supplement. Add one (1) scoop to 8 oz. of water. Increase or decrease the amount of liquid to achieve your desired consistency. Discuss the use of all supplements with your health care provider.




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