Toni West - Bio

Toni West

Award-winning Professional Bodybuilder

I got started lifting after a college soccer injury kept me off of the field. With a recurring hamstring pull, I couldn’t sprint at 100%, but kept with the strength training program. I decided to look into serious weight training instead of “sport specific” training. My strength grew in leaps and bounds right off the bat and I saw awesome changes in my already athletic body. I joined a local gym and started reading muscle magazines and trying out different exercises.

In 2001 my husband and I started talking about having a family, so I decided to do a show just in case I never got my body back! The thought of having babies actually pushed me to be a competitive bodybuilder. I went into the show with no expectations and enjoyed the journey.

Early in 2004 we settled into starting our family. I was on bed rest and gained over 65 lbs with my pregnancy. After an emergency c-section and some difficulties after coming home, I never thought that I would get back in shape or find the time to do so. It really took a good year to realize that I needed to find myself again and become a healthier person. Becoming a mom was great, but as most moms know, it pulls your life in 100 different directions, and finding time and ways to get pieces of yourself back is difficult. I decided to get back into competitive bodybuilding as motivation to lose the baby weight. I have done a show every year to keep that motivation up, and at the same time I have modeled for my daughter a healthy lifestyle.

Toni West