Strawberry Lemonade

Devenee Schumacher

Try out this tatsy strawberry Lemonade recipe! A great way to welcome guests during the summer or to stay refreshed while working outdoors

6 oz lemonade
6 oz water
1 scoop About Time Strawberry protein
2 small fresh mint leaves (optional)
Add 3 to 4 small ice cubes if you want it frozen
Add all ingredients to blender and mix- enjoy!

Devenee Schumacher

Co-founder of SDC Nutrition, Devenee has held various leadership positions in the business sector. She graduated from The PA Culinary Institute in 2001. Her experience in the kitchen allows her to create products that are built to meet the various needs of SDC’s customers.


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Thanks for the recipe it was awesome! I look forward to seeing many more posted.


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