Deliciously Fit Chicken – It’s What’s For Dinner

Deliciously Fit Chicken

Deliciously Fit Chicken recipes in 7 ingredients or less.  Perfect entrees a fit mom can whip up for the family. September is National Chicken Month. But seriously. For two decades now the National Chicken Council (it does exist) has come … Continue reading

Beta-Alanine – A Supplement For Any AThlete

Benefits of Beta-Alanine

Beta-Alanine  is a non-essential amino acid. Did I already lose you?  Non-essential amino acids are those that can be synthesized by the body. This means the body is capable of creating them on its own. The term “non-essential” does not … Continue reading

Mug Cake made by a Clean Eating Duo

Meet The Clean Eating Duo and Their Mug Cake

Mug Cake made by a Clean Eating Duo. Originally Elizabeth and Tyler, writers for Clean Eating & Focused Training, weren’t always focused on nutrition and exercise, but now its a passion. Three years ago the two met and now they are both busy college … Continue reading

Build your back yard body

Build Your Backyard Body By Chanel Collette Twitter / IG @ChanelCollette Facebook –   Body weight training is often overlooked when beginning most strength training programs. Often your own weight provides enough resistance for a good sweat session. Summer … Continue reading