Honey’s Sweet Benefits and Recipes to Buzz About

Honey and It's Sweet Benefits

Honey’s sweet benefits make it one of our favorite all natural sweeteners. It helps the body cure more than just a sweet tooth. Included below are some delicious recipes featuring honey from AT AThlete, Sarah Grace and author of  Fresh Fit … Continue reading

Deliciously Fit Chicken – It’s What’s For Dinner

Deliciously Fit Chicken

Deliciously Fit Chicken recipes in 7 ingredients or less.  Perfect entrees a fit mom can whip up for the family. September is National Chicken Month. But seriously. For two decades now the National Chicken Council (it does exist) has come … Continue reading

Beta-Alanine – A Supplement For Any AThlete

Benefits of Beta-Alanine

Beta-Alanine  is a non-essential amino acid. Did I already lose you?  Non-essential amino acids are those that can be synthesized by the body. This means the body is capable of creating them on its own. The term “non-essential” does not … Continue reading

Mug Cake made by a Clean Eating Duo

Meet The Clean Eating Duo and Their Mug Cake

Mug Cake made by a Clean Eating Duo. Originally Elizabeth and Tyler, writers for Clean Eating & Focused Training, weren’t always focused on nutrition and exercise, but now its a passion. Three years ago the two met and now they are both busy college … Continue reading

Build your back yard body

Build Your Backyard Body By Chanel Collette Twitter / IG @ChanelCollette Facebook – www.facebook.com/ChanelColletteteamslice   Body weight training is often overlooked when beginning most strength training programs. Often your own weight provides enough resistance for a good sweat session. Summer … Continue reading