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In 2008, fitness professional Sean Marszalek and food science expert Devenee Schumacher looked around at the growing number of protein supplement products, and didn’t like what they saw. Too many artificial ingredients, artificial sweeteners, inferior protein concentrates, and very few options for people with certain dietary restrictions such as diabetes. Frankly, Sean couldn’t find anything in the market that he could recommend to his health-conscious clients.

That’s when they decided, it’s About Time.

Sean and Devenee formed SDC Nutrition and launched the About Time brand of high quality whey protein isolate products. Through perseverance, refinement, and a fanatical belief in providing superior protein supplements for a healthy lifestyle, they have built a passionate and growing customer base across the world.


If you are interested in carrying About Time products, or a fitness professional who wants to provide your clients with superior whey protein, click here to get started.

About Time is the flagship brand of SDC Nutrition, based in Pittsburgh, PA. SDC Nutrition was founded by food and fitness experts Sean Marszalek and Devenee Schumacher
Meet The Team
Sean Marszalek

Sean Marszalek

Founder and CEO

Early on as a fitness trainer, Sean understood that what you put into your body was just as important as how you physically trained your body. Achieving personal fitness goals and maintaining an active lifestyle demanded proper nutrition. If no one offered a naturally pure supplement he could endorse for his clients, he would create one himself.

Devenee Schumacher

Devenee Schumacher

Director of Marketing

Co-founder of SDC Nutrition, Devenee has held various leadership positions in the business sector. She graduated from The PA Culinary Institute in 2001. Her experience in the kitchen allows her to create products that are built to meet the various needs of SDC’s customers.

Donald Grace

Donald Grace

Executive Vice President

Don Grace has been in the sports nutrition industry for over a decade. He comes to SDC nutrition with the vision of creating brands that could potentially change the industry and, most importantly, make a difference in changing people’s lives for the better.

Spencer Payne

Spencer Payne

Chief Business Officer

Spencer has played sports his whole life and is now an avid crossfitter who competed in the Affiliate Cup at the CrossFit Games in 2010 with RAW Training. After graduating with honors from Ohio State and earning his Master of Accounting degree, he started his career at Deloitte Consulting in the strategy and operations practice.

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